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What is mesotherapy, what does it do?

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It is a process based on the regeneration, tightening and moisturizing of the middle layer of the skin with the nourishing elements given from the outside. The given elements increase the amount of elastin and collagen in the skin, the skin is moisturized, its volume increases and it is renewed.

When do we need mesotherapy?

From the twenties on our skin, a small wear process begins, if this process is managed properly, the wear rate decreases and the skin can maintain its freshness and vitality. Exactly at this point, the first of the supplements we can give to our patients is mesotherapy.

Can mesotherapy be the same for every skin?

Of course not, first of all, after determining the needs to be made by our dermatologist, planning is made according to the problem in the skin. For example, the needs of a 25-year-old patient are different from the needs of a 40-year-old patient.

In which areas is the percentage applied?

– Forehead (fine line treatment)

– Cheeks (for tightening and moisturizing),

– Chin (for reinforcement of density and lowness around the mouth)

– Under-eye (bruise and fine line removal)

– Tickle (for tightening)

– Neck and décolleté (tightening and fine line reduction)

What aspects are used in mesotherapy?

Salmon DNA

hyaluronic acid

Vitamins (ABC- and K)

amino acids


mineral salts


Nucleic Acids

DMAE (Dimethyl amino ethanol)

Especially to whom is mesotherapy definitely recommended?

– Persons who use a lot of cigarettes and alcohol,

– Individuals who are exposed to the sun and solarium a lot,

– Persons who cannot take care of their skin properly due to heavy work and tension,

– Persons whose skin is adversely affected as a result of chronic disease,

– Individuals with skin dryness and streaking complaints.

What other conditions are used besides mesotherapy rejuvenation?

– Spot treatment

– Cellulite treatment

– In acne spots

– In acne scars and pits

– In aging and sunspots

– Skin tone equalization

– In pore tightening

– In the treatment of under-eye bruises

– Scar treatment

– It is the other areas that are successfully applied in the treatment of hair loss.

– Hand rejuvenation

– Stretch marks (tightening mesotherapy) are other areas that are successfully applied.

What is the average process time and number of sessions?

Although it varies according to the needs of our patient, the average is 4-8 sessions, and the duration of the process is half an hour.

When does the effect occur?

Within 1 week, our patient begins to notice the regeneration on his face.

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