What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy formula was first used in France in 1952. Mesotherapy is defined in the form of direct administration of a small amount of medication to the problem areas. Giving the drug only to the problem area increases the activity while minimizing the side effects.

Mesotherapy can be applied to all healthy adults between the ages of 16 and 75. Regional lubrication, cellulite, hair loss, skin rejuvenation are the most important areas of use.

The most suitable candidates for the application of mesotherapy for regional thinning are healthy individuals who train regularly, are not overweight, and have cellulite or regional fat deposits.

During the treatment, a diet with high protein content is recommended. Foods and beverages containing caffeine should be avoided. Hot showers should not be taken within 8 hours after the application and heavy training should not be done.

Treatment results vary according to the area applied and the extent of the problem. The treatment results of cellulite and regional lubrication are seen after the first few applications.

As long as the patients lead a healthy life form after mesotherapy, and have appropriate diet and systematic training, the activity of mesotherapy is permanent. Continuing mesotherapy several times a year in cellulite treatments increases the permanence of the applications.

An average of 10 – 12 sessions are required to get results from the treatment.

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