What is plasma therapy?

Plasma therapy, also known as PRP, is platelet-powered plasma therapy. In recent years, it has been applied in many medical fields in cases where repair and tissue regeneration is desired and successful results are obtained.

It has been determined that when a random part of our body is injured, some cells collect in this region and their concentration increases compared to other regions. These cells initiate some reactions and provide beautification in tissues. In many tissue regeneration processes, we willingly create a controlled damage to the tissues, which increases cell aggregation in the area, initiates beautification and rejuvenates the area.

Plasma therapy is a treatment based on this system. Some cells and growth factors in the area seem to be damaged, so that the repair process is started.


The treatment is done in the form of sessions with an average of 15 days. The number of sessions is 3 or more according to the desired treatment.

There is nothing random before or after the application. No examination is required before the application. It does not require a period of recovery after the treatment, the patient can quickly return to his daily activities.

There are kits specially developed for treatment, which are disposable. The patient’s blood is taken into these tubes and separated. While the unwanted part of the blood settles down, the desired part is collected at the top, this part is applied to the area planned to be treated in a very short time with fine-tipped needles. The separated part contains platelets and growth factors. These initiate a series of repair and adaptation responses, causing stem cells to recruit at the site.


It cannot be applied to cancer patients.


Since it is a process prepared by taking the patient’s own blood into special and disposable tubes, it does not carry the risk of infection and allergy. It is a very reliable treatment.


One of the most valuable treatment areas of this treatment is the skin rejuvenation area. The application is done 3 or 4 times in the middle of 2 weeks depending on the skin characteristics of the patient. Permanent results start to be seen after 1.5-2 months. The change in the skin is completely natural. A random change of expression or swollen appearance does not occur.

Acne on the skin is reduced

Acne scars decrease or disappear.

Skin color is generally lighter. Spots and redness are reduced.

There is an increase in tightness. Facial oval is recovered.

Fine lines and wrinkles disappear or decrease.

Skin appearance becomes healthier and brighter. The skin becomes plump.

Used in the treatment of scars on the skin

These results become evident after 2 months and gradually increase. No random deterioration is detected after 1 year. However, it is recommended to apply 1-3 sessions for better results.


Hair loss can occur due to a wide variety of reasons. When this problem is encountered, it is absolutely necessary to consult a dermatologist to determine the source and type of hair loss.

If hair loss is due to another reason, treatment should definitely be applied for it.

Plasma therapy can be used as a supplement in the treatment of all types of hair loss, and sometimes even its use alone leads to very successful results.

Its use on hair is at least 4 sessions with an average of 15 days. The results start after 1.5-2 months and continue to increase. It can be repeated after 1 year if necessary. If there is no need, there is no such obligation.

Hair growth accelerates.

Hair becomes stronger and more voluminous.

Shedding stops.

New hair starts to come.

Graying of new hair is reduced. It comes out in its natural color.


Does plasma therapy have a specific deadline? Does the effect disappear after a while?

After a certain period of time in plasma treatment, there is no deterioration. Depending on the patient’s condition, repeated sessions increase the results of the treatment.

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