what is prp platelet rich plasma what are the benefits where is it used how long is it effective |

What is Prp (platelet rich plasma)? What are the benefits? Where is it used? How long is it effective?

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Doctors are skeptical, they do not believe in the unscientific. The most valuable reason for our application of PRP is that there are scientific articles showing that it has a scientifically proven effect.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, which means strong plasma from Platelet. It is a medical practice, only medical doctors should do it. Knowing the anatomical structure and making the injections in a way that will not injure the border, vein (arterial-vein) packages, but it is a situation that a physician can do.

In a body injury or incision, thrombocyte is the first to move to that area. The first task of the platelet is to stop bleeding and coagulate. The next most valuable task is to provide wound healing and new tissue formation. The crust idea and smoothing tissue on the wound can be seen.

How is PRP Applied?

* The patient’s own blood (only 10 cc) is taken into a special tube. Centrifuge process is done at high speed. Platelets are separated and a layer with a density of 1.5 million platelets per milliliter is obtained. This is called PRP

What Are the Missions of the Platelet?

* Coagulation is the beautification of tissue damage, wound healing, and secretion of growth factors. We also take advantage of this effect and give PRP under the skin with the help of fine needles with the mesotherapy method. Since we apply anesthesia with cream before the process, no significant pain is felt. The PRP process is applied to the face, neck, hair, hands and desired areas. A younger appearance is achieved with the help of growth factors that reverse tissue damage and the effects of aging.


* It is not a stem cell therapy, but it works on stem cells indirectly. With the help of PRP injected into the skin, the growth factors in the platelet call the skin cells “produce fibroblasts”. Fibroblasts, on the other hand, produce collagen and elastin, which provide the elasticity and vitality of the skin.

Does PRP Have Any Side Effects?

* Extremely faithful. Because the person’s own blood, taken from the patient, is given back to the patient in an aggravated form. Disposable injections and tubes are used. If done by a doctor, the possibility of side effects is almost non-existent.

What is the Visible Effect of PRP?

* The skin looks brighter and livelier, especially the sun and age spots on the face are reduced. There is a decrease in under-eye bags and purple color. Fine lines soften. Questions people will ask you; ‘You look so young, what did you do to your face?’ or ‘Have you had plastic surgery?’ will be in the format.

* However, we create a quality skin texture by activating the skin’s defense system with the natural process of giving back to you stronger what you have.

The smoothest part is that the effects are visible around the application area, the effect of the PRP you have made on your forehead is also seen on the hair.

It has been shown to significantly stop hair loss when applied to the scalp. It also feeds the hair follicles at the base of the hair and ensures new hair growth in the places where the hair follicle is still present. It is effective on the hair as well as the face.

Where is PRP Used?

* It has been shown to be active in facial rejuvenation, crow’s feet around the eyes, age spots, sunspots, treatment of non-beautifying wounds (diabetes), burn wounds, surgical stains, acne scars, treatment of skin cracks, prevention of hair loss, osteoarthritis, joint disorders, and hip pain.

Where is it not used?

It is not used in pregnancy, breastfeeding, cancer, blood diseases, long-term wounds called keloids.

How Many Sessions Should Be Done to Get Results?

* In the middle of 7-15 days, 3-4 sessions are done. It may vary depending on the person’s condition. While it lasts a little longer in postmenopausal people who are exposed to cigarettes, alcohol, and sunlight, 3 sessions are usually sufficient for individuals who eat healthily, take good care of themselves, and are protected from UV light. It is recommended to be repeated every 6 months for the continuation of the vitality in the skin and for a long-lasting effect.


* Aim; It is to trigger the repair and rejuvenation of the skin with the damage terminated with PRP. By making a very slight damage to the skin, false trauma is created, the skin is stimulated, the wound healing system is activated. In this way, production begins as if mimicking wound healing, collagen is produced, elastic fiber production, skin elasticity and tissue blood supply increase. In a short time, the skin color becomes lighter.

* If the skin is not stimulated, it ages. In fact, what we do is to stimulate the skin with truth paths and accurate point shooting. In this way, the effect of years on a person’s skin can be reversed.

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