What is Prp? Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma (plasma enriched from platelets), in short, PRP, is the name given to the application. It is the process of separating a small amount of blood taken from a person into its components by passing through a special process and giving back the obtained plasma enriched in the direction of the small amount of platelet to the same individual for skin rejuvenation.

PRP application;




Hair loss

It is also used in the treatment.

The results of the process to be applied using your own blood are quite effective.

When platelets, which are heavily in the plasma, are given to the skin, the growth factors in their body stimulate the production of collagen and the formation of new capillaries, which allows the skin to renew itself quickly.

How is PRP Applied?

The blood of the person is taken in a sterile environment and subjected to the process at high speed and in a certain time in a special centrifuge device. While the formed elements of the blood such as red blood cells and white blood cells settle to the bottom, the platelet-rich part is collected in the upper part. The process of delivering this platelet-rich plasma to the area to be treated takes approximately 20-30 minutes. Immediately after the application, vitality and brightness appear on the skin. A clear effect is seen after three or four applications.

What are the Application Areas?
In aesthetic applications, on body parts such as face, neck, décolleté, hands, inner thighs, arms,

1. To provide rapid structuring of the skin after applications such as laser peeling,

2. In the correction of wrinkles, removal of depressions, gaining elasticity and brightness, which are formed as a result of exposure to ultraviolet rays for years,

3. In the control of situations where the quality of wounds, cracks and skin are damaged with a prolonged healing time,

4. In the treatment of hair loss alone or by helping other applications,

5. It is used for filling purposes in areas with depressions brought by years in the face area.

6. If it is repeated once a year after 2-4 weeks of medium and 3-4 applications, the effect of the cures will be longer.

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