What is Prp? What are the usage areas and new generation prp combinations in aesthetics?

Platellet Rich Plasma (PRP) means plasma enriched by platelets. A measure of blood taken from the patient is centrifuged, the platelet-rich part is taken from the tube and injected into the problematic area of ​​the patient with a homogeneous distribution. The aim here is to stimulate the stem cells in that area, to ensure their regeneration, to release the growth factor under the skin and to increase the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid together.

PRP is used alone or as a supplement to conventional treatment in the treatment of many medical problems. In the aesthetic field, it is widely used for hair loss and baldness, as well as for fine filling or mesolifting (skin stretching, revitalization). It is an easy-to-prepare and easy-to-apply, painless, non-bleeding application that is completed in a short time of 35-40 minutes, with high patient compatibility, and the results are quite satisfactory.

Today, standard PRP sets have been made more active by adding additional artifacts according to their intended use. There are Ca-Chloride in filling sets, Ca-Chloride and Biotin in hair treatment sets, and Hyaluronic acid in mesolifting sets. There are also sets containing Batroxobin to increase activity.

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