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Platelet Rich Plasma.

PRP is the serum that is obtained by centrifugation of one’s own blood and contains more platelets than the platelet rate in the blood. Studies have shown that platelets initiate the wound healing process in the tissue in which they are activated. Platelets in the first step of the reaction chain are activated in the tissue and more than 30 bioactive proteins are secreted. Vascularization and blood flow increase in the region of these proteins, epithelial production starts again, soft tissue matrix and collagen synthesis increase. In addition, they attract white blood cells to the tissue and clean the dead tissues.

PRP is frequently used in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (forehead, face, neck sagging; acne and acne scars, non-beautifying wounds, fat transfer applications, hair loss), Orthopedics, Cardiovascular Surgery, Ophthalmology, Periodontology.

Skin Rejuvenation with PRP;
In aesthetic applications, it helps to restructure the skin and regain lost tone in face, neck, décolleté, leg and arm sagging. It is used to remove the blemishes and wrinkles on the face and hands exposed to ultraviolet rays for years. It is effective in removing depressions in areas that have lost their soft tissue support, and in restoring the elasticity and brightness that the skin has lost.

Hair and PRP;
In recent years, PRP applications, which are also a response to the problem of hair loss, have become increasingly common. If the hair follicles are not completely destroyed, the weakened and sparse keratinocyte can be revived with the stimulating effect of PRP serum. Sessions are usually applied 4 times with an average of 2 weeks. It is repeated between 6 months and 1 year depending on the condition of the hair. It is possible to see new hair follicles in the control after 2 sessions.

Does PRP Serum Have Side Effects;
While preparing the serum, the patient’s blood goes through the centrifugation process. There are no chemical issues in the serum. For this reason, no side effects are seen in PRP applications.

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