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What is Prp, why is it applied?

PRP means strong plasma (blood) from Platelet. In PRP treatment, it is a way used to renew the skin with plasma rich in clot cells and growth factors, obtained from the person’s own blood. When the skin is injured, clot cells are required to repair the skin. Clot cells secrete elements called growth factors. It initiates the repair process of the skin. They also attract stem cells to the injured area. Therefore, when strong PRP treatment is applied to the skin from clot cells, the repair and regeneration process in the skin is triggered.

Because of its reparative and regenerative effect, PRP is actively used in orthopedic and surgical interventions.

In aesthetic dermatology;

__Skin sagging,

__Wrinkle treatment,

__ In the treatment of spots and acne,

__Removal of scars,

It is used in the correction of skin cracks and hair loss.

For the application, the patient’s blood is taken into special tubes in a sterile environment. Special tubes are rotated at a certain speed and time in a device called centrifuge. There are around 200 thousand platelets (clot cells) in the plasma obtained without special tubes. This number is not enough to renew the skin. Thanks to special tubes, plasma containing one million clot cells is obtained. This number is active and sufficient to renew the skin. This content is given to the problem areas of the skin with the help of tiny needles under and inside the skin.

The process is completed in about half an hour. Although brightness and tightness are seen on the skin from the first day, the effect is seen in a few weeks. A single application is not enough to solve the problem on the skin. At least 3 or 4 applications should be made in the middle of 2-4 weeks. Repeat once or twice a year. recommended.

Since the injected content is prepared with the patient’s own blood and is prepared in a sterile environment, there is no risk of side effects. Redness and edema that may occur during the procedure will pass within a few hours.

Sometimes there may be small and discontinuous bruises due to the needles, but they pass in a short time.

Depending on skin regeneration after PRP treatment; tightening, decrease in sagging, decrease in wrinkles, decrease in spots on the skin and lightening in skin color are observed.

It can also be used to provide rapid structuring of the skin after PRP, laser, peeling applications.

Although PRP is an active and faithful application, it should be done by experts in appropriate conditions and conditions.

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