What is radiofrequency?

While doing tissue repair with the power of light in lasers, we stimulate collagen production by converting electrical power into heat. Since we do not have any business with the epidermis layer, we can do your treatment in the middle of the afternoon without the care of spots and wounds. When the radio waves we know meet with the tissue, the tissue heats up and everything is under the control of the physician, since we do this by adjusting the depth in a controlled manner. We offer a few sessions in the treatment of facial wrinkles, crow’s feet around the eyes, glabellar region, forehead lines, eyebrow lifting, neck and chin recovery.

Moreover, the most common side effect is only a slight redness and swelling. This technique is used in the treatment of hair loss, face and neck sagging, sagging hands, acne scars, skin cracks, cellulite, local fat excess, armpit sweating, skin tumors, acne rosacea; We use it with confidence in the scars of chickenpox. It is one of our favorite methods as we can easily use it on all skin types at any age. Knowing the situations that should not be done very well; in the hands that apply the dose and session intervals without mistakes and choose the patient as truth; It is a very robust treatment method.

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