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What is the Purpose of Plastic Surgery?

In harmony with one’s environment, in social and business life, it will not have a disadvantageous quality.
We can summarize it as having a view.
This is sometimes caused by traumas, sometimes by developmental defects, or by the normalization of sub-optimal traits.
rotation, sometimes in the course of life, by gravity, solar radiation or metabolic
It may be aimed at correcting the effects of changes in the body.

What do you think about the coefficient of value given to external appearance today?
‘Ways of Seeing’ by John Berger; predicted 40 years ago in his book and TV documentary.
these principles are increasing logarithmically and determining our life more than necessary.
This decisiveness should not push the more valuable human characteristics into the background.
The burden of physical appearance, which is more prominent today than in the past, makes people more in this regard.
leads to a pro-active physical sensitivity.
With the realization of the target market size of the potential created by this, maintenance and
related to appearance, both in the technological sense and in the pharmacological field (anti-aging and non-invasive
Under the name of enterprises), a large industry has been created for people, and this industry is growing.
While some of these approaches reveal genuinely revolutionary approaches and principles, unfortunately, a valuable majority of them are introduced with a false and exaggerated disinformation prospectus, which is fed for commercial purposes, in order to enable people to try it without questioning, taking advantage of their curiosity and worry on this side.

What should the right aesthetic approach aim at?
First of all, the interventions should aim at an outcome that cannot be understood.
It should be planned as a result of a whole evaluation in the body or especially on the face and should aim to reach the Ordinary – Compatibility with the Environment.

How Can We Explain Percent Integrity?
A harmony inquiry should be made by considering only one of the facial formations and taking into account the surrounding formations instead of planning. For example, it determines how the nose looks, the width of the forehead, lips and cheeks should be considered together, and the aim of the approach should be determined according to their harmony.

What are the principles that are valuable in evaluating the face?
When evaluating the face, it should be considered as a whole. Heights required instead of a flat face
As long as it is provided, its perception as a result of refraction of light causes it to carry more mana for the observer.
The area of ​​greatest value in terms of the face is the eye area and the mouth area, because we look and talk, this is how we follow the person in front of us. Today, especially in the mouth area, as a result of shallow and commercial approaches, we can often encounter disastrous examples around us that can evoke frightening or strange feelings. I think it is the poor lips that suffer the pain of being artificially stuffed as a result of reducing their sweetness to a shallow valuation index to inflate them like sausages.
It is the shape that gives the lip its pleasantness, the lips do not deserve to be transformed into an elongated and inflated structure as a result of the shallowness of seeing their sweetness only as thickness.
It is necessary to talk more about the eyes and their surroundings.

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