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What is Thigh Lift?

Thigh lift aesthetics is the most suitable method of the deformed thigh region for various reasons.
It is the whole of the surgical processes performed to make the form aesthetically pleasing.

Why Do Deformations Occur in the Thigh Region?
It is suitable for situations such as significant weight loss, births, sagging and loosening of the elastic structure of the skin.
aging causes deformation and sagging.

Is This Situation A Health Problem?
No, this is not a health issue. A place that creates aesthetic concerns and gives a bad view.
is the problem. In addition, the rubbing of the deformed excess skin in the middle of the two legs against each other
and always standing together or experiencing situations while walking, corrosive, irritating
and it can be devastating. In this case, surgical intervention is required and thigh lift surgery is the most
real analysis.

How is Thigh Lift Surgery Performed?
This operation is performed in the form of surgical removal of excess skin and fat tissues.
General or local anesthesia according to the size of the operation to be performed on the patient before the operation.
is applied.

To Whom Can It Be Applied?
The process in question is for those who are not inconvenienced in receiving anesthesia, who do not receive medication, who are not pregnant, and who are not pregnant.
It can be applied to all patients, male and female, who have survived the breastfeeding period.
What are the characteristics of patients with successful operation?
Aesthetics only in the thigh region, which usually does not have a problem with body measurements.
It is more suitable for middle-aged and older individuals with image disorders, suitable for the process, and success.
rate is high.

Before / After Surgery
Before the operation: In short, the rules that should be done before all surgical processes are exactly the same.
valid. In other words, blood thinners should be discontinued, tobacco use should be moderate, and
most importantly, whether it is suitable for the process as a doctor’s examination and the operation plan
should be determined.
Post-operative: Rest period is valuable. Because the operation area is walking and sitting.
Wear with long walks as it is the groin area where activities are carried out.
should not be done. This is especially valuable in the first 2 weeks after the operation. For possible pain
pain relievers will suffice. Otherwise, pain relief injections may be considered. In addition to these
physician’s recommendations should be followed.

Are There Problems in Wound Beautification?
Since this surgical process is a surgery performed by making an incision from a sensitive and critical area, the wound
The beautification process is also very valuable and if the doctor’s recommendations are not followed, problems related to beautification are
livable. For this reason, under the tight and special tights recommended by the doctor, with a 2 month respite.
should be used and the purity of the region should be valued. If problems with this situation
If it happens, it is best to consult your doctor.

Will there be any scars after the operation?

The operation in question is performed by making an incision in a sensitive area. In general, the traces are sewn by concealing and
mostly, these scars become smoother and closer to the skin color. In cases where the surgical scars do not improve,
After a certain period of time after the operation, laser scar and spot treatments may be recommended.

Are Non-Surgical Analysis Procedures Available for Thigh Problems?
Of course there is. Laser analysis is a matter of speech. But these analyzes are not very heavy and late.
analyzes unsolved problems.

Does This Operation Provide Permanent Analysis?
The process in question is a process with a very long duration of permanence. If after this operation
If you experience significant weight loss, sagging and deformations may recur. However, weight loss
In cases where there is no word of mouth, there may be minor problems with the effect of aging. But this
As in surgery, skin and tissue removal operations will never be the same as before.
a bad image is not repeated.

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