What to do after masseter botox application

What should be considered after masseter botox (chin botox) application?

1-Do not train hard for at least 24 hours after Botox. (fitness, swimming etc.)

2-Do not massage or rub the Botox treated area for 48 hours.

3-Do not lie face down, especially on the first day after Botox.

4-Do not drink alcohol 2 days before and after Botox.

5-Do not use blood thinners before and after Botox. Consult your doctor if you need to use it.

6-Do not wash your face for the first 6 hours after Botox, do not take a shower for 24 hours and do not wash your hair.

7-Do not use bath, sauna or Turkish bath for 24-48 hours after Botox.

8-Do not dye hair for 24-48 hours after Botox.

9-Do not use painkillers other than paracetamol after Botox.

10- Do not make up for the first 24 hours after Botox. Do not have skin care before 1 week.

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