What you need to know before hair transplant

Even if hair transplantation is not a medically difficult operation, it is a decision that should be made carefully because it will create significant changes in the person’s life. A natural hair transplant that is true and far from exaggeration changes the social life, self, private life and work of the person on the positive side and renews the person’s life in a way.

As a positive result, professionally done hair transplantation creates many positive changes in our lives, a failed and troublesome hair transplantation as a result of wrong choices can cause a very long and difficult process to be corrected in our lives.

In such a valuable process, it is up to you and the team you choose to ensure that each stage is run as accurately as possible. There are some things you should definitely know and pay attention to before hair transplantation, here are the things you should pay attention to before hair transplantation.

What should you pay attention to before hair transplant?

After you decide to have a hair transplant, you need to choose the team you will walk with very well in order to get the best result. There are many things you should know and pay attention to before starting this process.

The success in the hair transplantation process largely depends on the interest between the patient and the doctor.

Pay attention to whether your doctor is interested in you personally.

You should prefer realistic observations and reviews about the success of your hair transplant, away from exaggeration. Otherwise, it may cause the operation to result far from your expectations.

It is very valuable that the person who has carried out the hair transplantation process from the very beginning is a physician. Graft count calculations, hair analysis and hair transplantation process should definitely be done by a DOCTOR.

Before the operation, you should make sure that you ask all your questions to your doctor and get their answers carefully.

Having hair transplantation in places where you are not sure that your hair transplant operation will be carried out by your doctor and his group, with the priority of your doctor, may risk the success of the operation.

During the meeting with your doctor, your doctor’s diploma must be hung in the room. Please review the diploma. Remember that this is your most natural right. If necessary, you should be able to ask your doctor to see the diploma.

Aware of how precious each hair follicle is, make sure that you have a principled physician who takes the necessary precautions regarding this issue at the maximum level.

It will be in your best interest to stay away from companies and physicians who have forgotten that the hair transplant process is a medical process. Do not forget that you need to distinguish between the information presented to you by exaggerating and embellishing for the purpose of advertising and the real information.

When examining the before and after photos presented to you, you need to make sure that they have been processed with technology and modified with programs such as photoshop. Making this distinction requires a lot of time and a lot of knowledge.

When looking at the photos of previous operations, remember that hair transplantation is personal, and each result is largely related to that person’s own hair characteristics.

Individuals with a high level of satisfaction and who have passed the operation without any problems do not tend to share this. Many of the exaggerated praise comments on the Internet may be for advertising purposes. Be careful to distinguish genuine comments and opinions from comments that smell like advertisements.

The results of how you will look after hair transplantation with computer programs may mislead you.

Images of the result of the operation performed with certain computer programs may be far from professional and scientific.

Remember that you need to keep your expectations realistic, and expect this from your doctor as well. Unrealistic shows with commercial ambitions may disappoint you as a result of the operation.

Before deciding on hair transplantation, make sure that you have obtained the necessary information about the issue and carefully researched different alternatives. Researching properly and getting opinions from different places will allow you to choose the truth and do it.

Self-respect for one’s self and his surroundings requires him to give importance to his physical appearance as much as his knowledge, ingenuity and character traits. This is a reflection of the respect you show your body and your surroundings.

You can directly ask me any question you have about hair transplantation, and you can read my other articles about the issue here (http://www.yetkinbayer.com/sac-ekim-teknikleri-nedir.html).

You Can Ask Your Doctor These Questions Before Hair Transplantation!

Will you personally transplant my hair?

Who is in the hair transplant team that will participate in the operation, what are their missions?

Will you plant my hair at a natural angle, is it likely to grow straight?

What are the possible setbacks that may occur after and during the operation?

Will it be possible to plant as often as in my dreams? Is my hair to be transplanted suitable for this?

Will there be swelling on my face after the operation?

Can the loss of the roots taken from my hair be prevented? How many hair follicles will I lose in the operation?

Will my hair follicles be taken and transplanted individually or in clusters?

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