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What is Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty has become quite popular in recent years, and with modern technology, the duration of surgery and the smoothing process have been shortened. Nose aesthetics is valuable because it is the most striking organ in the face area. For this reason, rhinoplasty is an important and experience-based process.

Rhinoplasty (nose aesthetics) surgery is one of the most difficult and delicate operations of plastic surgery. And even the slightest defect to be made in aesthetic nose surgery can be seen very attractively. The reason for this is that it is on the middle border of the face region and it is an organ that attracts attention at first glance.

As in every surgery, the doctor-patient relationship is very valuable in aesthetic nose surgery, and the correct connection before the nose surgery is more valuable than other surgeries.

When you decide to have rhinoplasty, you should talk about yourself well and describe your expectations and discomforts adequately when talking to your doctor. After the correct contact is made and the frequency is caught, your doctor will start to tell you what can happen and what cannot be done after rhinoplasty.

When deciding on rhinoplasty, many of our patients asked, ‘Can you remove the post-operative sculpture of our nose beforehand or show it on the computer?’ it asks questions. The main reason for these questions is the misdirection of the media. There are more than 1400 plastic surgeons in total in Turkey and the number of people using this system does not exceed the fingers of one hand. For this reason, instead of waiting for such a service, it is the healthiest method to get an idea by looking at the photos of patients who have had rhinoplasty before.


There are two surgical techniques in the form of closed and open method. Successful results are obtained with both techniques, and the closed technique is not a technique that can be applied to every patient. Both techniques have advantages and disadvantages to each other.

Advantages of closed approach to aesthetic nose surgery:

  • There are no stitches at the tip of the nose, and all the stitches are in the inner part of the nose, which we call the mucous membrane.
  • Less edema after surgery because you open the nose skin less

The closed approach does not mean that there will be less bruising, but the reason for the bruises is the nasal roof narrowing process for patients with a wide nasal roof. With the new ways applied recently, efforts are made to reduce bruises, and although this is a valuable criterion for patient comfort, it is not related to the success of the surgery. In other words, the operation of the patient who has a lot of bruises does not mean that it is a very bad or very convenient or a very troublesome nose. Although the size and duration of the bruise varies from patient to patient, sensitive individuals are also more likely to develop bruises.

It should be noted that these bruises are not permanent and completely disappear within 7-10 days.

Advantages of the open approach to aesthetic nose surgery:

  • Since the inside of the nose is completely opened, all nasal structures can be seen completely and there is a chance to intervene in disorders more easily and more actively.
  • It is possible to move more comfortably in the nose during the surgery and to be able to intervene more easily if mishaps occur.
  • Applicable to every patient

Disadvantages of the open approach:

  • Having stitches at the tip of the nose
  • Prolonged beautification process and more edema formation

As a result, the technique applied for each patient varies and the most appropriate technique is selected for the patient.

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