Which is the best and affordable hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

There are hundreds of makes hair transplant clinics in Turkey. But each clinic has its own good and bad sides. The important factor for hair transplantation controls the right services. For example, Clinics adding 6000-7000 grafts in one session are totally focused on selling you by giving you more graft counts. If a healthy patient needs more than 5000 grafts, this is done with 2 sessions of hair transplantation treatment. Thus, your donor area will not be weakened and dead. This is the most common error seen in cases. Because hair transplantation is usually an operation with 2 sessions to the patient, in the first operation, the hairs that are taken poorly will not grow and the second session will be impossible because your donor area is weakened.

hair transplantation method applied in Turkey is the latest technology, but some clinics are using cheaper materials to lower the price. When choosing a clinic, ask the clinic for material quality and whether it is disposable.

Once you have learned all this, choose the treatment that suits you best. The most recent and best results are Sapphire Fue and DHI. As Neo Hair Transplant, we only use these techniques. When looking for other clinics, look at the features included in the price before the price. Because it is possible to have a hair transplantation at any price. Do not believe in clinics with an average Sapphire Fue price of 1500 Euros and an operation of 1000 Euros.

Overall good results in many clinical plantations are located in Turkey. Even if you do not choose us, our representatives can give you objective information about other clinics.

We wish you healthy days.

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