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Who is mesotherapy applied to?

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Mesotherapy is a technique of subcutaneous application of active ingredient mixtures for the treatment of various diseases, for the individual and for the indication, with small doses of injections. This technique was first developed in France in 1952 by Dr. It was developed by Michel Pistor for the treatment of pain. Mesotherapy has become increasingly popular with its use in delaying aging for aesthetic purposes. In aesthetically targeted mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that provide skin regeneration are applied with very fine needles into and under the skin. With the injection of these factors, the skin is stimulated and the production of collagen and elastin is increased. Thanks to mesotherapy, an increase in moisture, tightening and lifting (lifting) is provided in the skin. The skin gains a brighter and brighter appearance. Mesotherapy is applied 4-6 sessions every 1-4 weeks on average. The positive effects that start from the first sessions of the treatment continue after the treatment is over.

In which aesthetic indications can mesotherapy be used?

Meso-lifting and meso-flashing; In alleviating the first signs of skin aging in the face, neck and décolleté (such as loss of moisture and shine, fine wrinkles, loss of elasticity and slight sagging)

Relieves bruises around the eyes

In the treatment of stains; in combination with other spot treatment systems

In alleviating acne, scars and burn scars; in combination with other treatment techniques

In the treatment of cellulite; tightening the skin and smoothing the skin surface

In hair loss; regeneration of the scalp and stimulating hair growth

meso-botox; In the removal of fine wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles with small doses of botulinum toxin

Are there any complications of mesotherapy?

When mesotherapy is performed by a trained physician, there are almost no complications. As with any injection, small bruises, redness and swelling may occur, which usually disappear within a few days. Very rarely, allergic reactions can be seen against the mixture components used in mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is not applied to pregnant women, breastfeeding women and those with a history of allergy.

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