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Why Prominent Ear Surgery?

Prominent Ear surgery, also known as Otoplasty, is the form, size and proportion of the ears.

It is an aesthetic procedure to increase The ear is one of the most anatomically complex structures of the face.

is one, and its appearance changes in the midst of individuals. Ears are shaped into their shape through the folding of flexible cartilage.

they get. The most common cause for protrusion is underdevelopment of the cartilage components of the ear. protruding ears,

can cause a lot of social distress for children and adults.

Re-creating this usual structure is natural-looking, symmetrical and properly placed on the patient.

It can be done simply to give ears. Many times only one ear is asymmetrical compared to the other.

faults or not; This can also be easily fixed.

Protruding ears usually do not cause functional problems. However, many people

He chooses surgery for reasons. This is uncomfortable due to protruding or large ears.

Otoplasty is a great option for patients.

In addition, ear breast repair is often chosen by many patients. Earrings, aesthetic of the ears

Although it helps to increase the appearance, it causes changes in the earlobes over time.

they may be. They can cause stretching, enlargement, and auricular rupture. Also, keloids

may occur. Surgery can quickly correct these problems and restore the previous appearance of the ears.

can earn.

Prominent Ear Surgery Candidates

People who are good candidates for ear aesthetic surgery have a lack of belief in the image of their ears.

are people who hear. Most of the time, they prefer to use their hair long to cover their ears. ears

They may wear hats, scarves, or other things to cover it so they don’t show their ears. children

For this reason, they are often mocked at school and feel disbelief for their difference from other students. This situation

Although it is unfair for children, unfortunately it still happens in this way.

Candidates are healthy, have no active acute or significant illness, pre-existing medical conditions

and should have realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery. Otoplasty, ears adult

It can be done at any age after reaching (or almost reaching) size. This is mostly about 5-

It occurs at the age of 6 years. This surgery is most often performed for children between the ages of 4 and 14. Many procedures

for aesthetic reasons and to allow children better adaptation and harmony with their peers.

done to help. In many cases, children with large ears are ridiculed,

They can’t afford it and feel a lack of self-confidence. Adults can also be candidates for this operation.

The risks for otoplasty are small. After it gets beautiful, there will be a white scar behind the ear. This wound

Since there is a natural crease behind the ear, the issue of visibility is worthless.

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