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Why should I have hair transplant with the implanter pen technique?

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In simple terms; It is a method of transplanting hair follicles (grafts) collected from the nape area with the FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique to areas where your hair is thinning or shedding completely, thanks to special tip pens.

Each hair follicle is transplanted one by one thanks to the pens with 0.6-1 mm thick special tips. No grooving process is required. It allows more frequent hair transplantation.

The medically known truth about our skin; 1 mm or less is that our skin completely repairs every scar.

IMPLANTER PEN (Pen Technique) Considering this fact, special pen tips with a thickness of 0.6 mm-1mm are used in hair transplantation. In this way, hair transplantation with the Implanter Pen does not leave any scars on the skin. There is no bleeding, bruising or edema after hair transplantation. The recovery time is very short. It does not harm your existing hair in the area to be transplanted.

Thanks to the special tip pens used in the Implanter Pen Hair Transplant, the depth of the grafts, the transplantation angle of the hair root (graft), and the harmony with the natural hair line are provided in the most real form. It is the only procedure used in hair transplantation with the Implanter PEN, which allows more than 60 hair transplantation per square centimeter due to the thickest tip being 1 mm.

Implanter Pen (Pen technique) Hair transplantation is done without cutting your existing hair during hair transplantation. Especially in our female patients, hair transplantation without cutting their existing hair is a valuable advantage compared to other classical formulas.

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