with the cooling of the weather the amount of water in our skin decreases |

With the cooling of the weather, the amount of water in our skin decreases

As the weather gets colder, the amount of water in our skin decreases. For this reason, you should change your skin moisturizers used at regular times. Proper nutrition and systematic care are required for skin protection in winter months. While moisturizing ingredients can protect your skin in seasonal normals, moisturizers with high oil content and restorative properties should be used in winter months.
Due to the cold weather conditions in the winter months, it was extremely wrong to wash the face with hot water. Hot water causes dryness and a dull appearance on the skin. Hot water shows the same effect on the hair. The fragility of the hair, which is washed with very hot water, increases; dries and mattifies the hair.
Going out with wet hair is the same as going out with wet skin. Wet hair causes loss of water in the middle of the cells in the skin and drying occurs. The cold air causes the veins to shrink, thus impairing the healthy nutrition of the skin. This too; creates a pale, dull and dry skin. The wind, on the other hand, both increases the effect of cold air and may cause the development of eczema with physical trauma. You should not go out without a scarf and beret against the cold and wind.
Minerals and vitamins make the skin look smooth and bright. The reason for this is that foods have a moisturizing effect under the skin. Vitamins A, C, E and beta carotene, which is abundant in fresh carrots, apricots and tomatoes, should be consumed as much as possible. These vitamins, which have high antioxidant value, have a reparative effect on skin irritated by cold weather. In addition, more fruit and green vegetables should be consumed in cold weather than what is always eaten.
The facial skin is always at the forefront, but care should be taken to moisturize the whole body in cold weather. Due to the cold weather, clothes that cover all sides are worn and the whole skin is not taken care of. However, the skin that does not breathe under the clothes dries properly. Therefore, moisturizers should be applied to the body after each bath. Applying when the body is damp gives more appropriate results. Body moisturizers and lotions should not be chosen carelessly, and should be taken by paying attention to their contents. In particular, those containing vaseline, dimethicone, glycerin, linoleic acid, ceramide should be preferred.
It is necessary to take urgent measures for wrinkles developed due to UV. The most valuable thing to know is that preservatives should also be used in autumn and winter. Because our skin is exposed to UV rays as long as there is sunlight and the aging period of the skin is accelerated. For aged or wrinkled skin, night creams with antioxidant properties, mask works and treatment methods to reduce the thickness of the skin should be preferred. Particular attention should be paid to the skin during sudden weather changes, and the moisturizing process should be done systematically.
The winter months are the most suitable time for the treatment of aged skin, as well as the damage we have mentioned above to our skin. Although these therapeutic and protective formulas are mostly used in the clinic to rejuvenate the face and hands, they can be applied to the whole body.

To protect our skin in this period:
– Daily use of high-defense sunscreens,
– Use of gloves at least in the winter months,
– Monthly use of residential peelings or use of fruit acid peelings that can be applied under medical supervision,
– Supporting the skin with heavy-acting moisturizers,
– The use of drug creams that activate and renew the skin as a cure during the winter months,
– Prevention of contact with detergents,
is one of the measures that can be taken.
For the treatment of our aged or worn skin:
– Activation of the skin with various drug creams,
– Treatment of skin blemishes and rejuvenation of the skin with various lasers (Qswitch Ndyag, fractional laser, etc.),
– Peeling applications (Glycolic acid peeling, TCA peeling etc…)
– Regeneration of the skin can be achieved by separating the serum of the blood called PRP (Platelet rich Plasma) and the regenerative factors in it and injecting it into the skin.
– To tighten the skin with radiofrequency methods such as Thermage,
– Use of ready-made fillers containing hyaluronic acid or fat injection to replace the melted subcutaneous tissue: Today, longer-acting (1-1.5 years) hyaluronic acid fillers have been developed. These fillings themselves melt after 1.5 years at the latest.

In fat injection, 40-60% of the given adipose tissue is in the amount and lives in the injected area. This process is a kind of tissue grafting. Some of the fat taken in the first operation can be frozen and stored as in vitro fertilization, and the fat injection can be repeated after 3 months if necessary. In addition, oil injection is usually

It is done by combining with PRP and much more adequate results are obtained.
With all these techniques, it is possible to have a nice skin and it will be easier to hide our age.

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