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Workers’ Health and Occupational Medicine Board Meeting was Held

Istanbul Medical Chamber (ITO) Workers’ Health and Occupational Medicine Committee meeting was held.

In our country, where the agenda is always changing, the priority issues determined in the issues related to occupational medicine were discussed.
First of all, the new OHS Clerk application, which is closely related to OHS Professionals and creates problems in practice, especially among workplace doctors, was put into language.

The problems encountered in this bet, what it brought and what it brought were discussed. It was emphasized that the implementation of the system before it was fully ready and the fact that the new system was not fully explained during the transition process and taking action without fully talking to the OHS Professionals, who are the stakeholders of this issue, are at the top of the problems.

It was decided to prepare a press release on this subject.

isih2 |Workers’ Health and Occupational Medicine Board Meeting

The meeting continued by discussing the symposium that will be jointly organized by DİSK, KESK, TMMOB, TDB and TTB in Ankara on 11-12 November 2022 due to the 10th Anniversary of Law No. 6331.

The program was reviewed and it was discussed who could participate.

How is Worker’s Health and Occupational Safety Provided?

At the symposium, on the subject of “Workplace Doctors Working Conditions and Job Security”, Dr. Contributions to Celal Mestçioğlu on his subject were announced.

The agenda continued with the discussion of our training program, which is planned every month.

An education council was formed to keep the education issue more organized. It was decided that this committee would meet at the first opportunity and determine the next training bets and put them on a schedule. In this way, it was thought to make announcements to workplace doctors in advance and to increase participation even more.

It was decided that these trainings should be face-to-face as much as possible.

The agenda continued with the discussion of the structure of the survey work that we planned to do about OSGBs. For this study, one of our board members, Dr. It was decided that Mustafa Sülkü would collect the necessary information and make a classification and create a source to form the basis of the survey. As a result of the evaluation of this information, it was decided to conduct a focus cluster study after the survey study. The date of our next meeting was determined as December 13, 2022, and our meeting was ended with the wish to see more of our friends who will contribute. (Source: Istanbul Medical Chamber) (BSHA-Bilim ve Sıhhat News Agency)

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