Young make-up techniques

Applying daily make-up, albeit lightly, makes the skin look healthier. You can apply a light-colored concealer on the aging and sun spots on the face. When it comes to their treatment, peeling applications are applications developed to solve many color problems on the skin.

Thicken the eyebrows
If you have heavy eyebrows for a long time, you will notice that the eyebrows do not grow in some areas. You can use special eyebrow and eyelash products for this. In addition, for a natural look, you can weight the eyebrows with a pencil close to your hair color, and shape them with an eyebrow brush.
The lip state becomes thinner in the aging process, the lip contour loses its clarity and fine lines appear around it. With the filling applications to this area, the lines around the lip can be corrected and the lip can be brought back to its former shape. Avoid dark lipstick when choosing lipstick. You can use plumping effect lipsticks. After defining the lip area with a light-colored pencil, using a light-colored lipstick makes the lip look more pleasant.
During the aging process, the cheekbones actually shift down a notch. It is possible to make these regions better with some applications such as radiofrequency and filling. Applying the blush to the old cheekbone area while applying blush emphasizes the sagging of the face. For this reason, determining the current location of the cheekbones and applying blush there and spreading it to the temples provides a more pleasant appearance.
bags under the eyes
Under-eye bags can be reduced by peeling around the eyes or by surgical treatments. Apart from that, if you want to cover it with make-up, applying a darker concealer to these areas than the foundation gives better results.
Under-eye bruises
Bruising is a common problem in this area. Peeling around the eyes can be reduced with mesotherapy applications. Apart from that, if you want to cover it with make-up, apply a lighter colored concealer than the foundation.
Use bronze powder
You can use it to reduce the pale appearance of the skin and to give it a more lively appearance. Gently dab the bronze blush from the cheekbone to the hairline. It will create a brighter, more lively appearance.
Face Lines
Facial lines can be reduced with botox and filler treatment. You cannot cover the lines on the skin with thick foundation or concealer. Thick works enter the middle of the lines, causing them to become more attractive. The aim should be to divert attention to the other direction rather than to close them. It would be a better choice to use a base under make-up and use mineral foundation on top of it.

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