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Youth in Media and Recognized Culture

As looking young, nice and fit in the media and popular culture gains more and more importance every day, the interest of the new generation in aesthetics is increasing. Information pollution arising from hearsay also causes confusion among young girls. Presumably, the most valuable duty of plastic surgeons today is to guide the young age group who come with aesthetic demand to the truth.

Young girls and boys in the 15-25 age group are more affected by the environment than other age groups. It is extremely valuable in this period to look nice and attractive to the opposite sex. For this reason, breasts that are not showy enough, spotty and unhealthy skin, an unfit body, thin lips, thick ankles, low eyebrows, prominent ears, breast enlargement in men, an arched nose can present themselves as an extremely important problem in this period. Mental problems may occur, which can lead to the youth isolating himself from his environment. Here, the mission of us plastic surgeons is to help the young individual go through this period without being harmed both physically and mentally. For this, the necessary evaluation is made in order to solve the patient’s problem in an appropriate age period and in a correct way. Aesthetic concerns and analyzes that may be encountered in the 15-25 age group can be listed as follows:

Nose aesthetics: Since the nose completes its development at the age of 17-18, aesthetic nose surgeries should not be performed before this period. Otherwise, mood disorders may occur in advanced ages in the developing nose.

Breast enlargement and reduction: Breast enlargement and reduction surgeries can also be performed after the age of 18. However, in young girls who have not given birth to a child and want to breastfeed their baby, since there is a very high loss in the function of lactation after breast reduction surgery, if the size of the breast does not cause significant back and waist pain, the surgery is usually postponed.

Liposuction: It can be applied with faith in individuals who have completed the age of 18.

Prominent Ear: Despite other surgeries, prominent ear surgery should be performed before the child starts primary school, if possible. 6-7 years is ideal for this period. Because at the age of 6-7, 95% of the ear development is completed. In addition, since the ear cartilage is soft at these ages, it is easier to shape and the success of the surgery is much higher. As it is known, children can be very cruel to each other. Since the child who has prominent ear surgery before primary school will not be exposed to the ridicule of his friends at school, his school success also increases.
Acne scars and acne treatment: It is one of the biggest issues in adolescence. The most valuable thing in this period is to prevent acne formation and to prevent existing acne from getting better by leaving scars on the face. In patients with acne scars, acne scars can be treated with 50-80% success by using oil injection, PRP (platelet rich plasma), TCA peeling, various drug cream treatments and fractional lasers. In this case, it is extremely valuable for the patient to be patient, loyal to the treatment and to the doctor. Because the treatment period of these scars varies between 2-6 months, depending on the process. Today, with the use of fractional lasers, we achieve extremely good results with few side effects.

Botox applications: Botox is a product obtained from Clostridium botulinum bacteria.
is a toxin. It has been FDA approved since 2002 and is used with faith.
It is injected into the muscles that cause wrinkles with the help of fine-tipped injectors.
allowing the muscles to relax. The effect occurs in 3-7 days and
It lasts for 3-7 months. Thus, the muscles cannot contract as strongly as before.
For this, mimic wrinkles on the skin disappear or decrease. best result
The areas it gives are the forehead, the middle of the eyebrows and the eye lines. In addition to this
In addition, upper lip and neck lines can also be treated. Also sweat
Hand, foot and armpit sweating because it also affects the glands
It is also frequently used in the treatment of Botox. After the effect of Botox passes
wrinkles are restored. But after repeated applications
It has been determined that wrinkles are reduced in the long term. If the percentage
If these fine wrinkles are not treated with botox, in the following years,
wrinkles become deepened and become grooves and even if botox is applied
If it does not give the desired result, adding the filling application to the intervention

  • Apart from wrinkle and sweating treatment, botox;

In the thinning of the muscular lower legs or overdeveloped masticatory muscles (masseter), which is especially seen in the Far East race, In the treatment of teeth grinding called bruxism, In the treatment of migraine, In the elimination of facial asymmetries caused by asymmetrical mimics, In the treatment of Frey’s syndrome that may occur after salivary gland tumor (parotid) surgery
we use.
Although there is no medical objection to the use of Botox before the age of 18, it is not used before the age of 18 for aesthetic purposes.

  • Filler Injections:

Volume for the treatment of dormant wrinkles or thinned tissues
It is used to give (lip thickening). most commonly applied
regions; lips, frown lines are adequately botoxed
cases that cannot be eliminated, extending from the corners of the nose to the corners of the lips
lines (nasolabial line), lines extending from the lip edge to the chin
(marionette line), depressions formed due to various reasons, and sometimes genital area.
FDA-approved hyaluronic acid is preferred as a filling material.
is done. It is applied with local anesthesia. Some amount in the filled area
edema may occur. This will resolve in 1-3 days. 4-6 months later
It is absorbed by the body and disappears.

Recently, young girls who have had fillers and botox to look bigger have increased a little more than before. In fact, there was always a desire to look older in this age set. Today, due to the increase in the quality and number of aesthetic surgery and aesthetic applications, our young girls reach these goals more easily. The aim of aesthetic surgery applications is to rejuvenate and look young. However, our young girls are trying to use fillers in order to grow up as soon as possible and have thick plump, sexy lips. Here, we plastic surgeons have a lot of work to do for the real guidance of the patient. In this age group, my personal opinion is that if there is no significant deformation on the face, it is true to stay away from more permanent works such as fat injection. In this period, it will not only please the patient, but also does not cause a permanent result because it melts completely after 5-6 months.
Hyaluronic acid fillers are the most reliable fillers. Ready-made fillings called permanent fillings other than hyaluronic acid should be avoided, especially at these ages.
After a few times of hyaluronic acid filling, fat injection can be applied to our patients over the age of 18 who want the initial appearance of the filling to continue. Thus, the patient gets the desired lips or cheekbones thanks to his own tissue, and an extremely natural result is obtained.

In patients who want to look bigger than they are, botox can only cause a real elongation of the lips, thus achieving more sexy lips. However, botox applied to the lip area may cause discomfort in groups of patients whose professional job is to talk or sing music. After the patient is evaluated in detail on this issue, the procedure
should be applied.

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