Hair Loss

About Hair Loss Causes and Treatments

There are many reasons for hair loss. Before the hair transplant operation, what should determine the source of the problem, and what appropriate operation method should be applied? What can shed hair at an early age or a later age? And genetic factors are known as one of the most important reasons underlying this problem. In addition to Dhi, Fue, and FUT hair transplant methods, it is possible to mention many treatment methods, such as PRP therapy, which has become popular recently. As a result of the necessary examinations, it will not be difficult to determine the patient’s most suitable hair transplant and treatment method.

In addition to regaining the aesthetic appearance, the negative image caused by problems such as post-operative scars or burns is sufficient for hair transplant surgery. Spills that occur due to genetic factors can also be treated due to operations, and patients have pleasant appearances.

In addition to general hair loss, what can treat regional hair loss without problems? Before deciding on hair transplant methods, what should determine the leading cause of the disease?

Local anesthesia will be applied during a hair transplant, and the patient’s experience of pain will be eliminated with technological developments. It is possible to obtain the desired image from the transplant or treatment to be performed in the clinical environment.

What Is Hair Loss? What Are Its Causes?

Studies show that healthy people have an average of 100,000 hairs (NOT GRAFTS=1 GRAFTS INCLUDES AT LEAST 2,3 OR 5 HAIRS) on their scalp. It is stated that as a result of actions such as combing and washing, an average of 150 hair strands are shed daily, and in addition, this situation continues for a long time. If healthy people are taken into consideration, ongoing spills have been observed in an average of 2 months.

If you are faced with the problem of hair loss, you can get help from a dermatologist or plastic surgery doctor about his knowledge and skills, and if deemed appropriate, you can also apply for a hair transplant operation. The causes of hair loss should be determined and the appropriate transplant method should be determined accordingly.

One of the most common causes of hair loss is genetic factors. If there is someone in your family who has this problem, you should know that you are in the risk group.

The problem of the scalp being weak or problematic is also one of the reasons that are effective in the loss of the roots. Lack of healthy scalp care also brings this problem with it and early hair loss occurs.

In addition to irregular nutrition, unhealthy nutritional status is among the leading factors in hair loss. As a result of the lack of B12 and D vitamins, the nutrition of the hair becomes difficult and troublesome. Although this vitamin problem is not taken into consideration, hair loss will be inevitable if it continues for a long time. Intensive use of cosmetic products and intensive chemical care products will cause hair loss. Attention should be paid to the problem of excessive stress and depression and it should be known that the factors that play a role in hair loss.

About Hair Transplant

As a result of the examinations, every patient determined to be suitable for treatment can benefit from the transplant process, and only which transplant technique is proper or not. Spills due to male hormones are widespread, but we see what can treat hair loss with a hair transplant during the new period. Hair follicles can fall out because the cells that produce hair weaken over time and die after certain times. Genetic factors are very effective and are among the most common causes. It is essential to pay attention to genetic factors.
In the first stage, we notice that the hair becomes weak. Immediately afterward, the weakened hair area gradually becomes lighter, and finally, the hair area shed day by day becomes noticeable. There are many alternative methods applied to hair transplant treatment. As a result of the examinations to be performed, the real cause of the problem will be determined, and what will select the appropriate transplant method.
Studies show that the rate of hair loss slows down after the age of 40. If the treatment is applied to people under 40, it is necessary to consider the possibility that the spills may continue until they are 40. We can also say what will minimize these possibilities after age 40. For this reason, if the existing roots do not want to be lost by the patients, what can lower the age of transplant decisions considerably?
A hair transplant operation takes between 5 and 8 hours. It is possible to mention that it is very comfortable and comfortable because it is a surgical procedure with local anesthesia. Before and after the hair transplant operation, there will be some points that patients should pay attention to. You will be informed about these details by your doctor. Hair transplant procedures need attention, such as doctor evaluation and blood tests before the operation, post-surgery, and preservation of the transplanted roots and transplant area.

What is Hair Transplant, How is it Done?

All of the microsurgical methods applied to eliminate hairlessness caused by specific reasons and provide a natural appearance are called hair transplant operations. It should be noted that there are many alternative transplant models in the hair transplant method. Determining an appropriate method for hair transplant will also be possible due to the examinations to be performed. A hair transplant operation can be applied in cases of hair loss after birth, hair loss after surgery, hair loss caused by scarring, and many other problems.

Applying the correct and appropriate transplant method makes successful results possible. It is a microsurgical aesthetic procedure performed by placing hair follicles taken from a different point of the body into the head area. It is also applied in our country without any problems.

As of 2019 – ministry controls and inspections in hair transplants have increased in our country. Although hair transplant is a micro-surgical procedure, it is a procedure that requires seriousness, and the patient goes through a long time. As in all other medical interventions, confidentiality, sterile environment, team, doctor, and all related medical rules are essential in hair transplants.

Hair Transplant Treatment Types

Hair transplant methods have 2 main methods. Fue and DHI methods are the most common and latest technology methods.

Apart from these, there are different methods, but the important thing is to apply the most suitable one for the patient.

Fue Hair Transplant

How is Fue Hair Transplant applied?

After local anesthesia, the relevant hair follicles are shortened to 1 mm at the removal stage. Using the micromotor tip, the hair is correctly placed in the relevant area. In this application, a cylindrical cut is encountered. The grafts are not damaged in the FUE method, which is another detail that makes the application advantageous. The operation time is very short, and the results are much faster.

The application is carried out in a clinical setting with the support of doctors and nurses. Since it is supported by local anesthesia, it will not cause pain or pain, which is one of the negative situations.

After the FUE hair transplant, PRP treatment is applied to patients as a separate procedure, and the hair follicle planted in patients is strengthened.

What are the Advantages of Fue Technique?

Since the tissue containing the grafts will not be removed, only the hair follicles are intervened. Not removing the tissue makes the transplant method advantageous.
Old methods (fut technique) had problems such as scarring. With the FUE technique, there is no stitching in hair transplant and no stitch scar. Abrasions in the area where the hair follicles will be taken care of, tiny scratches, and do not cause any long-term appearance problems in terms of aesthetics.
It is a problem-free method that can be applied for mustache, eyebrow, and beard transplants and hair transplants. Its versatility is also one factor that makes this treatment method advantageous.
When we look at the waiting time between sessions, we can see that these times are pretty short compared to the old (fut) technique. Patients who do not want to waste time generally prefer this method. However, when considered in terms of full recovery and completion of the treatment, the FUE technique is a treatment method that requires a lot of time.
It is possible to transplant more hair follicles with the FUE technique per square centimeter. In the FUT technique, this situation is applied in a limited number, but in the FUE method, the number is quite high. In the FUE technique, where each hair follicle is transplanted one by one when the transplantation area is calculated correctly, and the transplanted follicles are strengthened with PRP, we encounter good results.
There are no problems such as pain or sensation loss, which is another detail that makes the treatment method advantageous.

Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant vs Standart Fue

FUE Hair Transplant Cost

The Fue method has recently become popular and preferred. We can see that the number of advantages and disadvantages are very few. Unfortunately, it is impossible to provide clear and healthy information about the cost because each clinic offers different numbers, which may vary depending on the doctor who will perform the operation.

Neo, we serve you with the latest technology, painless local anesthesia, and at least 3 teams and 1 doctor working in detail. The average price starts at Fue 2300 Euros. The price of your stay in Turkey in the pre-operative blood test medical medicines is included in your shampoos, vitamins, and airport transfers.

What are the Disadvantages of FUE Hair Transplant Method?

  • Although it is not seen in detail with the eye, the hair taken from the back area is rarely seen for the first 2 months.
  • In a bad clinic or wrong operations, the hair area in the back area (donor area) is unsuitable for future hair transplantation.
  • You cannot be exposed to the sun for the first 2 days after the operation. Go out to the sun, but do not rinse enough to sweat.
  • After the hair follicles are taken, a specific time is needed for the settlement to occur in the planting preparation phase. It can be annoying for patients that this time is longer than expected and imagined.
  • Session periods can sometimes be extended, and additional sessions can be applied if it is not considered sufficient.
  • Hair growth time varies depending on the person after the operation. On average, results are obtained in the first 6 months, but in the 6th month, the hair is shed for renewal and then comes out again. In this process, it should not be feared.

Fue Method Restoration Time

There is a rapid recovery process, and if you consider the warnings made by your doctor until complete recovery, this process will become faster and healthier.

On average, the Donor area will be close to its original state within 1 week. Complete recovery can take a maximum of 1 month, but it varies according to each patient.

Hair Transplant with Choi DHI Method

The DHI method, also known as direct hair implant, eliminates problems such as stitch marks or incision marks. The most important purpose of this application is to minimize the time that the grafts (roots) taken with the micro motor taken from the posterior part stay outside and make them stronger.
The hair taken with this method is directly transplanted without opening a channel in the area to be transplanted. Thus, the holding and healing process of the hair is accelerated.


What are the advantages of the DHI hair transplant method?

The natural appearance is realized more strongly, and thanks to this application, it becomes possible to make a tighter planting.
When looking at the waiting period for hair follicles, we can see that this process is less than other treatment methods, and this detail minimizes hair root loss.
The angle of the hair follicles can be determined more easily, thus obtaining a more natural appearance.
Transplanting directly to the relevant area with a DHI hair transplant is possible.
After the transplant process, PRP is applied to everyone, but even after the hair transplant, success is strengthened with the PRP procedures applied.
This process, which shortens the sowing time, is applied much more easily to the hair and beard areas.

Are There Disadvantages of the DHI Transplant Method?

Since it is a new method, it is more expensive than other treatment methods.
If the experience of the team applying the only risk is insufficient, hair transplantation does not give natural results.

DHI Hair Restoration Time

The healing process with the DHI method is the fastest hair transplant method. On average, the transplantation area heals in 1 week, and the donor area heals within 2 to 3 days. There is no other technique in hair transplantation that has a faster recovery process than DHI. (Last update in October 2020)

DHI Hair Transplant Cost

Which treatment is the best for hair loss? The DHI method is the latest technology and the best hair transplant method. The only drawback is the price of the operation. The price is high because the operation takes longer and is preferred for more detailed hair transplantation.
As Neo, our DHI method hair transplant prices start from 2500 Euros.

Are Hair Transplant safe in Turkey?

On average, annually, Turkey as 600,000 people come for hair transplants and restoration, and this number is growing fastly. Turkey is a country in terms of transportation and visiting this magnificent. In addition, it has state-of-the-art hospitals with health support programs far above the world average. Of course, there have been some bad and worse clinical results, and will be (no fatal risks). Still, the overall image of Turkey in the plantation average disclosure is at the very top. It is also much cheaper than other countries. Price and performance as Turkey gives satisfactory results in transplantation. The biggest reason for its safety is the State/Government always inspects the hospitals. Because health tourism has been of great importance in Turkey’s economy in recent years. In order for this to continue better, hospitals, and official private institutions, everyone is doing their job with great care and precision.
The plantation is safe in Turkey, but cheaply priced below the cheapest price for which you get bad results, and you choose not crowded clinics are vital to you.

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