Types of Hair Loss

Permanent hair loss and temporary hair loss can be evaluated under two main headings and under these headings there are many different types of hair loss. The most important feature of permanent hair loss is that it has a direct effect on hair follicles and hair follicles cannot remove hair. It brings with it different types and these species are as follows:

Male type of hair loss
Female type of hair loss
Permanent regional hair loss
Temporary hair loss is a period of short-term hair loss due to certain reasons. Once the cause of the spill has been identified, the treatment will be eliminated as soon as the treatment is completed and the treatment will be completed. It is one of the equal types of the spill in both sexes and it contains different types of spills.

Hormonal spills
Diseases caused by hair loss
Spills due to nutritional disorders
Stress-induced hair loss
Before the treatment of hair loss, the underlying cause of the disease should be identified and the appropriate treatment method should be determined in a more healthy way.

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