Hair Loss Risk Factors

There are many risks of hair loss and some complications. If people have one of these risk factors, they need to take immediate action. Genetic causes, age factors, women’s menopause, excessive stress, anemia, unhealthy diet, and fungal head fungus carry a great risk of hair loss. Treatment is essential to minimize such risk factors.

The most important problem in hereditary hair loss is that the chin and the middle of our head are opened. Genetic hair loss usually occurs in the 20s after opening the top of the person’s hair.

Especially after the 50s, our scalp and hair follicles weaken. This causes our hair to fall out and wear out. This is very natural. Because the structure of the hair weakens after a certain period of loss is very natural.

During menopause, women experience sudden severe hair loss. For this, they need to take various medications from their doctor and use them. Hair loss during menopause is a very normal condition.

We become very stressed during the day for various reasons. Stress is one of the most important conditions that damage our hair. Stress causes our hair to wear out and break. Broken hair will fall out after a certain time. That’s why we need to avoid stress.

Anemia is a condition that damages our scalp and hair follicles. If the person has anemia, he or she should take the vitamins and minerals the doctor will prescribe.

Unhealthy eating
People today complain of hair loss due to an unhealthy diet. An unhealthy diet weakens our hair. It’ll be lifeless. We can eliminate this by eating healthier foods.

Mushroom on scalp
The fungus in our head is the most damaging condition to our hair roots and scalp. Intervention is required immediately, especially if infected. We should use oils to strengthen our scalp and treat fungi. If the fungus progresses, it is also seen in some parts of our body.