Is the donor area important in hair transplant?

The most important thing in hair transplant is the donor area. The reason is very clear, hair follicles are transplanted from your donor area to the area to be transplanted. So what is this donor area? What kind of donor areas can we interpret as good or bad?

What is a Donor and Donor Areas

Donor; In hair transplant, it is called the areas where hair follicles can be collected to be transplanted into the bald area. The best donor area is the shadow from the lower part of the upper part of our ear to the back of our head. In addition, it can be used as a donor area in different regions such as the chest and legs. As Neo Hair Transplantation Clinic, we use the donor area in the head area because other donor areas do not give very successful results. However, we can also use areas such as chest and legs in patients whose donor area is very insufficient and who do not want to transplant too often.

The Importance of the Donor in Hair Transplant

The success rate of hair transplantation decreases for people with insufficient donor area or weak hair follicles. Because in hair transplantation, it is much more difficult for the hair taken from regions other than the donor area to live in the transplant area. Donor areas are of good quality or not, depending on the head structure of the person and the thickness and number of genetic hair follicles. Hair follicles (1 graft) are 2 to 3 on average. However, in some people, this can reach up to 7 hairs. For this reason, although the hair in the donor area of some people may seem small, the high number of hairs in the roots seriously affects the success of hair transplantation. In addition, if the thickness of your hair bristles is not sufficient, if you have weak bristles, collecting and transplanting these hairs will not give very healthy results.

How long do the hair follicles taken from the donor area live?

The hair follicles collected from the donor area for hair transplantation actually cannot survive for very long, so in fact, transplanting more than 5000 grafts in one operation will not give very good results. Because the average lifetime of a graft varies between 2 and 4. The planting time of the grafts taken from the donor area has a maximum limit of 4 hours. For this reason, it is not possible to plant more than 5000 grafts healthy even if there are 2 experts in this period.

Can someone else’s hair be transplanted to you?

No way. Because hair transplantation is actually a cell transplant, and even your donor areas are carefully selected and the hairs are planted because 100% genetic compatibility is needed for the hair cells transplanted to the bald area to live in that area. Since the hair you will buy from someone else will definitely have a different DNA structure, it is impossible for it to grow within your body. In today’s health technology, it is not possible for now. We hope we can make this possible in the future.

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