What are the advantages and disadvantages of FUE techniques?

The FUE Technique (Follicular Unit Extraction) is one of the healthiest techniques for hair transplantation. The FUE technique allows us to do a healthier hair transplant in all phases. Thanks to the FUE technique, we can take more grafts compared to the hair transplant than it was done under the FUT technique, which was the strip at the time. The FUT, in other words, the strip, was the most painful technique because, for the sample, the sampler cuts the skin, and after the intervention, it leaves as much scar.


Finally, thanks to the new features, the FUE Technique has become one of the most favored techniques. FUE is a technique that does not leave marks or scars after an intervention. The incision heals easier and faster. In general, the FUE technique is applied after a shave so that the surface to be implanted looks clearer.

The disadvantages

The disadvantages of FUE are as follows;

FUE, we totally agree that it is one of the most present and healthy techniques for patients. But if we make a comparison with the DHI technique (Direct Hair Transplantation), we can say that the duration of the healing process is harder, and the healing is longer than DHI.

The healing lasts longer than DHI because DHI is done with the CHOI pen, which has a very fine tip. However, FUE is done by opening canals, and implantation is carried out after the channel opening phase. We also want to clarify that for FUE and DHI, there is not as much difference, but at the level of the decision, which technique is suitable for which patient effects play great roles in the choice of techniques. more important is you must take into account the effective roles and what are the conditions after an intervention. Because in relation to your trade or profession located in your life, if it requires you to choose a technique that happens faster, it will require you to choose the newest techniques.