What are the processes for hair transplantation?

The trials of a hair transplant begin with the first contact, which leaves the contact information or fills out the form. After this phase, the consultants you re-contact using the details you have shared online via WhatsApp – Viber – email, or call. In the online re-contact phase, the sub-phase is realized as follows: ⇒ first contact (knowledge – oral or written presentation) – request from photos for online consultation – Online consultation and transmission of comments – Question – Informative response between patients and the consultants – Decision of the available dates – Organization of the plane ticket from of the patient – transmission of the plane ticket to the consultant for the reservation of the appointments and hotel.

How is a consultation done? What are the criteria?
First, you send your photos in the requested way so the Surgeon can do a correct and clear analysis that will not change when you present on-site at the Clinic. You have to send photos that he does will not confuse the surgeon. After you have sent the photos, the Surgeon analyzes the photos and shares his comments with the interpreter, and the interpreter sends you all the details in translation to your native language. The most important point is that you must never forget that the number of grafts gives themselves thanks to the photos. The surgeon can not tell you the number of plugins you want to have. Every human has his competence. Finally, the Surgeon, after his tests, will specify the number of grafts you need for the recipient area and if it is possible to collect a number of grafts in one only session or not. The biggest role in a hair transplant is at the zone donor. If the donor area is large enough, you can have maximum grafts in one sitting. But in this case, if it’s not enough will require at least one-second session.

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