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What Is Beard Transplantation

Recently, the growing demand for beard cultivation has a long history of hair transplant procedures applied to the face. There is a reason for a place called the donor area, which is located behind the head. Other areas like the beard and mustache are not healthy areas to receive the graft.

Why Turkey for Beard Transplant?

Beard transplant is an application that many people have demanded in recent years in Turkey. Beard cultivation is quite developed in Turkey. Beard transplantation is applied when the area covering the mustache and beard area of men has sparse hair or no hair in these areas. The operation is carried out by transplanting hair roots to the area where beard transplantation is desired. Beards do not resemble the structure of the hair.

It is different in intensity for everyone. Therefore, different planning is required for everyone, and the beard transplant process must be carried out professionally. Beard transplantation is completed in a few hours using local anesthesia. During the procedure, patients generally do not feel pain. After the process is completed, people who receive beard transplantation services will have natural-looking beards. In the planning of patients who come for beard transplantation, the patient’s condition is evaluated with drawings. The hair follicles collected from the nape of the person receiving the beard transplant service are separated individually and transplanted into the person’s beard area.

When Beard Transplant Needed?

Experts can apply this process to the jaw, cheeks, sideburn, and mustache area. They can also use this process to camouflage acne scars or other scars.
Various reasons can cause hair root losses in the area of the beard mustache; this may be hereditary; It may occur after laser hair removal, needle hair removal, surgical procedures, or burns.
Beard transplant can apply to sparse areas and areas where no hair can be sown. Thus, it is tried to reach the shape of the beard-mustache desired by the person.
There will be a various number of roots depending on the transplant area:

  • 350-500 for the mustache
  • 600-700 for the jaw area
  • 200-250 for favorites
  • 300-700 for the cheek zone

How is Beard Transplant Performed?

The methods used for the beard transplantation technique are the same as those used in mustache and hair transplantation. With the increase in the demand for beard transplantation, modern and advanced methods used in hair transplantation have been successfully adapted for beard transplantation. Today, beard transplantation is done with two different techniques. However, the old FUT technique is no longer a preferred method. The general reason why the FUT method is not preferred much is due to the disadvantages it brings compared to the success it provides. Today, the FUE technique is used as a modern beard transplant technique, and with this technique, serious successes are achieved.

Regardless of the method in beard transplantation applications, the operations are carried out through certain stages. The applications to be made for the beard transplant process are listed below.

  1. The region where the hair follicles will be taken from the person who will have beard transplantation and the region to be planted are analyzed in detail. After the analysis, the number of hair follicles planted is determined.
  2. The area where the hair follicles will be taken is anesthetized for beard transplantation. Depending on the method applied during beard transplantation, hair follicles are taken from the area in variable shapes.
  3. The area where the hair follicles will be planted is anesthetized, and the hair follicles are planted in the region in varying ways according to the method.

No matter which method is used during beard transplantation, the operations are performed under local anesthesia. Some patients prefer deep sleep during beard transplantation. Hair follicles cannot be transferred from a foreigner during the beard transplant process. The hair roots in the person’s body to be transplanted are used for application. Generally, hair follicles, namely grafts, are taken from the nape area. If the density of the hair follicles in these areas is low, the procedures can be performed by taking hair follicles from other body parts. During beard transplantation, the number of hair follicles taken from the nape of the neck varies depending on whether the person is planning a hair transplant after the operation. If the person plans to apply hair transplantation after the beard transplantation, the procedure is performed by removing the hair follicles from the nape area as little as possible.

Who Can Be Applied?

The hair follicles to be transplanted are taken from the neck. Because for the hair transplant or beard transplant best donor area is always the neck.

Please note that the number of roots decreases after the beard transplant, affecting the results of a future hair transplant procedure. Therefore, think before making a decision. Maybe you will need that donor area for a future hair transplant.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Beard Transplant Center

People who want a beard transplant are mostly undecided about choosing a beard transplant center. The person who will have a beard transplant wants the people in the center to be professional in their work. If you receive a beard transplantation service, you can choose your beard transplantation center by paying attention to the criteria below.
– Choose beard transplant centers with trained and professional beard transplant specialists.
– Experience in beard transplantation is very important. Therefore, entrust yourself to experienced doctors.
– Get detailed information about the technique to be used for beard transplantation and research in detail about this technique.
– Check the authorization information of the center where you will have beard transplantation. These centers must have certificates in order to carry out the beard transplant process.
– Since the team you will be dealing with after performing the beard transplant is also very important, prefer to work with more corporate places.
– Make sure that the beard transplant center you have visited manages the examination process meticulously.
– You can see the before and after photos of people who have had a beard transplant at the beard transplant center.
– Check out the customer reviews of the beard transplant center online. In this way, you can view the positive and negative comments of the customers who previously received service from this center.

Beard Transplant Before & After Operation

Beard transplant is performed under local anesthesia and sedation and lasts 2-5 hours. The procedure is commonly painless. Trim crusts are observed around the transplanted roots. The planting area must be kept dry and must not be handled.
You will not need to shave for ten days after the procedure. Therefore, you must make necessary arrangements in your workplace and social activities in terms of the timing of the transaction.
On the second day after the procedure, non-compelling physical activities are allowed; if the person comes from outside the city, they are allowed to return home. However, when the face is looked at for 4-5 days, it is clear that a procedure has been made.
The hairs at the ends of the sown roots begin to fall about two weeks later, and there is nothing to worry about. After about three months, the hairs start to grow again.
To avoid a situation such as the success of the procedure, infection, and scarring; After the beard transplant, you should do your maintenance very well as you are told.
Follow the advice of your doctor before and after the procedure. The doctor’s recommendation will ensure the process is without problems and obtain the best results.

After Beard Transplant What Should Be Considered While Caring For The Healing Process?

After people have a beard transplant, time is needed for the area to be transplanted to heal. Some factors should be considered while caring for the beard during this time.
– It is not recommended to shave the beard with a razor for the first 6 months following the application of beard transplantation.
– For beard care, you should avoid chemical-containing care products that you will apply to your beard. Care products containing excessive chemicals can have negative effects on your beard, so it is recommended to avoid using these products.
– When washing your face, do not wash your face by using high-pressure water.
– When washing your face, ensure the water is warm and wash your face with lukewarm water.
– After washing your face, perform the drying process by rubbing your face more slowly and gently, not harshly. Ensure that the towel you use to dry your face is soft and does not cause any harm to your face.
– Many minerals and vitamins used for hair are useful for your eyebrows. After eyebrow transplantation, your beard can grow healthier and faster by taking care of your health in general, staying away from alcohol and smoking, and having a regular and healthy diet.

Beard Transplantation Success Rate

The success rate of beard transplantation is among the most curious questions of people who have or will have a beard transplant. Unfortunately, the success rate after the beard transplant cannot be 100%. The chance of successful beard transplantation is approximately 60% – 80%. In some people and situations, a second application is required to achieve the full effect. This information is general, and you can learn the most accurate information in detail from your doctor.

Beard Transplant Cost in Turkey

Many factors determine beard transplant prices. At the beginning of these factors, the number of hair follicles to be planted in the desired area dramatically affects the price. If the number of hair follicles used for beard transplantation is less, the price of beard transplantation will decrease accordingly. Depending on the number of hair follicles planted during beard planting, beard transplantation prices are revealed. In addition to hair follicles, the experience of the center, specialist, and team where beard transplantation will be performed is among the factors that significantly affect the price change. However, the result after beard transplantation is more critical than beard transplantation prices for people who will have beard transplantation. After beard transplantation, people’s beards will have a natural appearance, which will give happiness to the person. Since beard transplant prices vary according to many factors, it is difficult to determine an exact price. If you are wondering about the prices of beard transplantation in Turkey, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

The FUE technique, the same method as hair, is used in the beard transplant process. The reason for being cheaper is that the operation is shorter and more straightforward. The price varies according to the area you want to transplant the beard. The average beard transplant cost is 2300 Euros at NEO.