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What is NeoGraft Hair Transplant?

With the developing technology, there are many new materials and methods in the field of hair transplantation day by day. The greatest improvement among these methods was seen in the transition from the Fut technique to the FUE technique. Over time, the importance of the material used in the method of collecting the grafts one by one, which is the advantage of the FUE technique, has increased. Thus, along with medical developments, techniques such as Sapphire, percutaneous, and NEOGraft have developed. NeoGraft, one of these techniques, is one of the latest technological hair transplantation techniques.

Neo word meaning: newest.

The graft is the name of the hair follicles collected during hair transplantation. Since a graft is actually a root, it consists of at least 2 hairs. The number of hairs that varies from person to person can be up to 7.

On the other hand, Neograft: Is the method of taking and transplanting the grafts (hair follicles) to be transplanted to the area where hair loss is experienced, semi-automatically, but manually by the specialist doctor and his team, using the Micro-motor method.
As with all hair transplantation methods, this method is an advanced technology based on the transplantation of hair follicles and takes its name from here.

How is Neograft Applied?

The Neograft hair transplant method is applied by taking the hair follicles one by one from the donor area of the patient and placing them in the channels opened with a semi-manual micro-motor. Collected grafts are vital for the application to give better results. In addition, it is very important to plant the opened channels one by one with the micro-motor, which is the characteristic of the Neograft method, because in this way, the grafts are planted more accurately, and the result is more natural.

The NeoGraft Recovery Process

One of the most frequently asked and wondered questions in hair transplant is when the donor and transplanted area will heal after a hair transplant. The reason why this question is often wondered is that patients are curious about the process of returning to work and everyday life. Recovery times vary according to the method chosen for hair transplant. The hair transplant method transplanted with Neograft has the fastest healing process after the DHI technique, and on average, the full recovery period takes between 1 and 2 weeks. But mostly, patients get rid of problems such as any wounds and crusts within 6 days.

NeoGraft Cost in Turkey

Since the Neograft method is the developed version of FUE, one of the hair transplantation techniques, pricing also varies according to the quality of the FUE technique and the team, hospital, and doctor staff. However, if we consider on average, the prices of Neograft in Turkey start from 2500 Euros and range up to 4000 Euros. As a Neo Hair transplant center, we provide you NeoGraft for 3200 Euros. This average is in America or other European countries (It varies between 15,000 dollars and 20,000 dollars in places with specialist staff in hair transplant.)

Are Neograft Turkey and Other Countries Different?

No, it is not. Because the basis of hair transplants is the staff of specialist doctors. The materials used have the same properties all over the world. The fact that Turkey is cheap in this regard does not mean that it is bad. Turkey has recently become the tourism capital of hair transplantation because of low prices and high-quality hair transplantation. State support for clinics in Turkey has a significant impact on this issue.

Neograft Hair Transplant Results

After a Neograft hair transplant, the results begin to be seen within an average of 2 months. After an average of 6 months after hair transplantation, the hair follicles start to grow better by adapting to the newly planted area.

Is Neograft Safe?

Hair transplant methods are now generally safe. All methods, not just Neografts, are now safe. Because the techniques in hair transplantation are constantly improving, that’s why every day and every new hair transplant method is much safer than the previous one.

Is the hair shaved before the Neograft Hair Transplantation?

Yes and no, it’s optional. We cannot say whether those who want a hair transplant with Neograft need a haircut. Because in Neograft hair transplantation, this may change according to the request, the patient’s need for hair transplantation, or the area of ​​baldness. Doctors generally recommend hair shaving. Because the healthier hair follicles to be collected are better reached after shaving. Although it depends on the person’s preference, some people should have their hair cut, while in some patients, it is not necessary.

Neograft Hair Transplant Clinic

You decided to have a hair transplant with Neograft. And how do you determine the clinic in this process? The best answer to this question depends on your preferences. First of all, look at how much the clinic you are seeing is interested in you and its physical conditions. In addition, the experience of the team in this regard is essential. If the team has been involved in many operations before, their dexterity and awareness will be higher. Of course, prices may increase depending on the experience of the expert staff. However, not all prices mean high clinical goods. Especially if you decide to have a hair transplant in Turkey and choose Neografti, we have a team ready to help you in every way.