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FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
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FUE Hair Transplant

It is a practice that requires much more precision than the Fut method.

In this hair transplant method, there is no case of hair intake and the roots will be transplanted one by one. After the hair removal, they need to be cut to 1 mm and this detail is of great importance. As in the Fut technique, Fue technique is also applied to local anesthesia. Anesthesia is applied during hair transplantation.

It is one of the most comfortable and simple methods and it has to be mentioned that it is more preferred than the Fut technique. If the statistics are evaluated, we can see that there is a high success rate.

The Best Hair Transplant Technique

How is FUE Hair Transplant applied?

It is shortened to 1 mm after local hair removal. Using a micro-motor tip, the hair is placed in the appropriate area. In this application, a segment of cylindrical scales is encountered. In Fue method, grafts are not damaged and this is another detail that makes the application advantageous. The operation time is much shorter and the result is much faster. The application is carried out with the support of doctors and nurses in the clinical setting and as it has been mentioned, it will not give any pain or pain to the patient in any way as it is supported by local anesthesia.

Who Can Be Applied?

Fue technique is applied smoothly in male hair loss, hair loss types, and regional problems. It is one of the most popular hair transplantation treatment methods for the last period and has successful results. As a result of the examinations to be made, the patient’s fitness status is determined and if the Fue technique is found to be appropriate, there will be no problems in its implementation. It will not take long to reach the natural image and there will be no pain or pain due to the anesthesia support during the treatment. The Fue technique is carried out in a clinical setting and it is much easier to intervene in the question that may occur during operation.

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Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant Method

Since the tissue containing the grafts is not removed, only the hair follicles have interfered and this makes the treatment method more advantageous. This is not the case with the Fue technique when stitching the relevant region in the Fut technique and there is no stitching. In the area where the hair follicles are to be removed, the abrasions are very small scratches and will not cause any problems.

Hair transplantation in Turkey, as well as a mustache, eyebrow, and beard can be applied for the seamless method are versatile and also one of the elements that make this treatment method more versatile.

When we look at the time between sessions again we can see that these times are less compared to the Fut technique. Patients who do not want to experience time loss usually prefer this method. However, in terms of complete recovery and completion of treatment, Fue technique is a longer-term treatment.

More hair root bread is possible per square centimeter. This situation is more limited in the Fut technique, but the number is much higher in the Fue method.

There are no problems such as pain or loss of sensation and this is another detail that makes the treatment method advantageous.

Disadvantages of FUE Hair Transplant Method

Shaving only the area where the hair is taken can create aesthetic distress. Patients have to go around for a while and this is considered a major disadvantage.

The time between sessions is short but when we look at the overall treatment, we see longer times than the Fut method and this can be considered as a disadvantage.

With the purchase of hair follicles, you need to wait a while for the settlement to take place and this can be annoying for patients.

Session times can sometimes be extended and if not seen enough, additional sessions can be applied.

Main Questions Regarding FUE Hair Transplant Method

Stay in Turkey 3 DaysStay in Turkey
3 Days
Hospitalisation OutpatientHospitalisation
Duration 4 to 8 HoursDuration
4 to 8 Hours
Anesthesia LocalAnesthesia
Recovery 3 to 5 DaysRecovery
3 to 5 Days
No ScarsScars
Stitch Out No StitchStitch Out
No Stitch
Pain None to SlightPain
None to Slight
Results Permanent 98% SuccessResults
Permanent 98% Success
Shaving After 3 MonthsShaving
After 3 Months
Wash After 15 DayWash
After 15 Day
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