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Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

Structurally, the male breast is not much different from the female breast. small male chest

The only reason is that there is not enough estrogen in the male body, that is, the female hormone.

However, in some cases, the male breast itself begins to grow and becomes almost a female breast.

takes shape. This is a disease and is called “gynecomastia” in medicine.

What is the Cause of Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia can have many causes. Certain diseases, such as severe liver disorders such as cirrhosis, some

Medicines, for example a once widely used stomach medicine (cimetidine), can cause gynecomastia. However

In most cases of gynecomastia, there is no cause. So this disease is

It can happen on its own for no reason.

Most bodybuilders also have gynecomastia. This is because as a stimulant

high levels of male hormones they use. Male hormone disappears after it is used in the body

A middle element resembling the female hormone emerges when being ingested, and when this is at high levels,

causes breast enlargement.

The most commonly used drugs in Turkey are primabolan, sustanon and anapolan. In particular, the anapolan

It causes gynecomastia, but since it is both very effective and can be taken as a pill, these athletes

may be preferred by

Are Non-Surgical Tests Possible?

Unfortunately, once gynecomastia occurs, the growing breast tissue must be removed. Hormonal

It is not expected to regress with treatments.

Two types of surgery are performed. If the enlarged breast gland is soft and oily, only liposuction or

Side fat removal surgery may be sufficient. However, in the presence of hard and large gynecomastia, open technique

The mass must be removed. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a surgical procedure that leaves a trace.

Complications and Possible Problems:

It is almost impossible to have significant bleeding in this type of surgery. Bleeding on one side of the chest

It may be in the form of blood accumulation, that is, “hematoma”. Your doctor will take you to the operating room again.

may want to clear the build-up and stop the bleeding (if it continues).

In the same case, a unilateral swelling around the fifth day after the operation may be a sign of infection.

Again, the test will be clearing the infection and the usual antibiotic therapy.

Asymmetry is in the middle of the problems that may be encountered after this surgery. Although rare, there is an important asymmetry.

Retouching surgery may be required.


– Before the operation, it is absolutely necessary to investigate whether there is an underlying cause by making some analyzes.

What to Expect Before and After the Surgery?

This is a small operation in terms of size and difficulty. It is not a painful surgery. Often patients

they can be discharged on the same day and can return to work after 3-4 days.

The first night can be relatively problematic. Usually, an easy pain reliever to be taken orally will suffice. This

surgery is an undertaking in which significant bruising and swelling are not expected.

If you are working, it will be enough to allocate 4 days for this surgery.

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