Male Pattern Hair Loss

Male pattern hair loss is generally more common. In men, openings on the forehead give signs of the figure. This situation is also encountered in women as well as men. In the middle part of the hair of women, shedding occurs more often. Of course, this then expands and covers all of our hair. The type of hair loss that occurs in men generally gives the first symptoms in adolescence. With the effect of hormones, our hair roots become weaker day by day. Especially because of the formation of an enzyme that converts genetically good testosterone to bad testosterone, the hair gradually becomes thin and weakened, and shed. Hair loss may stop if precautions are taken as soon as male pattern hair loss is seen. We can prevent this negative situation by regularly using your dermatologist recommends drugs.

Hair Loss Treatment

Each strand has a certain lifetime. The life of a hair strand is 2-2.5 years. Hair that completes this life becomes weak and shed. However, since our hair root remains intact, new hair will be replaced. Mostly because of the hormones that cause hair loss, we should apply treatment methods to eliminate hormonal disorders. Men’s hormone is more than men’s; women are less of these hormones is one of the leading causes of hair loss. Excess or lack thereof is tried to be eliminated. In women, we can prevent hair oiling with birth control pills. In men, these treatments are different. Because enough hormones work. Therefore, medical shampoos, and vitamin cures, which we call biotin, are more suitable for male patients. Another type of treatment is a special cocktail prepared by dermatologists for hair. With this cocktail, what kind of deficiencies the person has, they are put in and applied to the hair. It is put into injection and injected into the scalp with special tipped needles. 5 minutes after the application, the person can resume a normal life. The three aims of this treatment method are to stop hair loss first, to improve hair quality, and finally, to grow new hair if the roots are not dead. Another medical treatment method is mesotherapy. Anesthesia is not used during this application. It is an effective method for our scalp. It helps strengthen our hair follicles. Unlike other methods, hair is not intended to grow out of the hair. The main purpose of weakening and frayed skin is to prevent hair loss by healing. Different mixtures are obtained for each patient and injected into the middle part of the scalp. Very fast effect. Another treatment method is to use boosters and nourishing drugs. The vitamins that are missing in our body are identified and given to you. PRP treatment is another treatment for our hair. With the help of our platelets, it is the application made with the person’s blood. With this blood, it is aimed at reviving the dead cells. This treatment method will be better for the person to be done in Ministry-approved institutions.

Another treatment method used in hair loss and yielding effective results is drug treatment. The most important point to be considered in drug treatments is to take the dosage. Excessive use of the medicine given by your doctor may cause more damage to your hair. The hair follicle is the leading drug treatment. The hair follicle is the structure that surrounds the hair as much as possible, causing individuals to hold their hair better on the skin. Vitamins are injected around the hair follicle with special needles. These vitamins retard the hair strands and prevent breakage. People who regularly use the medications given by dermatologists will immediately notice the changes in their hair.

This medicine is used in men. It is used to stop prostate enlargement in men. This drug is usually recommended, especially in the early stages of hair loss. It is seen that it strengthens the hair in the top region of our head and prevents the loss of hair. This drug is not used in women.

It is applied only 1-2 times a day. If applied more, it may cause more damage to the hair. This drug, which is in lotion form, is applied by spraying on our scalp. We should apply it to our skin as if we were massaging with our fingers. Then we must wash our hands immediately because it may irritate our hands. The effects of the drug give good results after 3 months if used regularly. Since it is in the lotion formula, it may cause side effects such as occasional burning, itching, and redness of the skin.

This drug varies in the range of 1 mg or 5 mg in tablets. Take a quarter of each tablet once a day. This drug causes hormonal side effects. Side effects such as erection problems, decreased libido, and breast enlargement may be seen in men. It is not a highly recommended product. It is an effective medicine to stop hair loss, but people do not use it because of its side effects.

Hair mesotherapy
Hair mesotherapy is a treatment method used in people who have lost their hair, male or female type shedding. Depending on the nutritional deficiency, the loss of vitality of the hair, such as the decrease in the viability of the hair, is injected into the entire process and is called mesotherapy hair. Hair mesotherapy is done into the skin with the help of microneedles. These hair follicles are in the form of ready-made needles consisting of a combination of minerals that feed the hair, vitamins, amino acids, and factors necessary for hair healing. It has positive results such as strengthening hair follicles, revitalization, the emergence of new hair, stopping hair loss, and improving hair quality. It is applied to both men and women. There is no specific age range. But this practice is the most men. Women usually apply during seasonal transition periods. It is injected into the hair in about 10 sessions. These 10 sessions last about 2 months. This application does not cause any side effects. Immediately after the application, the person immediately returns to normal life. We should never wash our hair after applying this process to the hair. After 1 day, we can wash our hair and reach the normal order again. The effect of all these treatments is evident in the first 4 weeks. The new hair grows slowly, and the quality of the hair grows more and more. Both the person being treated and the people around him will be aware of it.

Oxygen hair care
In oxygen hair care application, approximately 1 bar of pressure is applied to our scalp. This pressure reaches the inner layers of the skin. This accelerates blood circulation. It provides the secretion of various enzymes under our skin. No pain, pain or burning sensation occurs when our skin is given oxygen. Thanks to oxygen, skin rashes disappear. Relaxation occurs on our skin. In our country, oxygen treatment is provided at affordable prices.

Ozone hair care
Ozone treatment is applied to the area of ​​the scalp with thin or bald hair. Blood flow increases in the applied area. Over time, hair follicles in the region are stimulated. After a certain period of time, ozone treatment, due to the cell regenerating feature of the hair follicles in this region, is provided. The benefits of the anti-microbial properties of ozone treatment, especially if there are conditions that cause hair loss, will save your hair from dead skin. The ozone-treated area is highly nutrient in terms of minerals and vitamins. Especially after the 5th session, the change in hair can be noticed very well. It consists of a total of 10-12 sessions. Strengthens our hair and improves hair quality. This has no negative effect. So it can be applied easily.

PRP treatment
PRP treatment is currently the method used to rejuvenate the skin, burn areas, and joint disorders. It is a type of treatment that also benefits hair transplantation. PRP treatment is to take one’s blood and inject it into white blood cells. This is injected into the hair follicles to feed the hair follicles, hair growth, and thickening faster than it is. As a result of the treatment, it is observed that the hair of the people grows more frequently and bushy. PRP treatment consists of 3 sessions on average. Each session is held between 3 weeks to a month. No pain or pain. Since it is made with the person’s blood, no germs or diseases are transmitted.

Hair transplantation
Hair transplantation is the most common treatment method today. The simple definition is to place the person’s healthy hair in places without hair. Healthy hair is called a donor. After the hair transplantation, there may still be spills at the place of transplantation. It comes out of the shedding hair instead of providing new and healthy. Hair transplantation is a type of treatment that is persistent throughout a person’s life. That’s why it’s so popular. In hair transplantation which will be performed in specialist clinics, it is inevitable that the hair will look natural and vivid after transplantation. It is unnecessary to shed all of your hair for hair transplantation. The sowing process is also applied in hair regions that are rare. The best age for hair transplantation is in the 21-79 age range. The hairs of people outside this age limit are not transplanted. When hair transplantation is done, the remaining solid hair is selected. The stronger and denser the hairs on the back of the person’s head, the more frequent and good the area to be transplanted. 7000-8000 hair follicles are placed in the spaces with special needles. Many people from abroad also come to hair transplantation because it is suitable both in terms of quality and price in our country. Hair transplantation should not be carried out under the stairs without language documents. It can cause serious problems with your hair.