What level of disciplines of hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is a fairly important procedure, and it must be done under the right conditions. Because competence, hygiene, and transparency are the three most important points that he must have seen for a good hair transplant if you wanted to have a percentage of success.

a-) Competence

The competence of the Doctor of the operator must be at a level sufficient enough to manage a hair transplant. A Doctor’s competence plays the most important role in giving confidence to patients. A patient comes from quite a distance in addition to a foreign country, which is why patients must be sure that all conditions are in order for them.

b-) Hygiene

Hygiene is the second most important condition. Why it is so important. We will explain this to you;

If hygiene is not at a good level, it is dangerous for the patient’s health because, at the time of the hair transplant, there is contact directly to the scalp, which requires hygiene. How we can widen this context in the following way: When hygiene is said, it relates entirely to the materials it is used (gloves, micro punch, Choi pen, injections, injections, date serums, chair covers, or hair transplant). If the conditions and procedures are well taken into account, and it is well put in order, in this case, you can trust because there is nothing you will risk your health. A clinic that values ​​your health will do everything necessary for your health, considering these conditions. Hygiene will bring you healthy results. This is why in all cases at the x clinic or at the clinic, do not hesitate to reassure yourself that its conditions are taken into account.

c-) Transparency

Patients want to receive services at the value of the price. What does it mean when transparency is said? Transparency is a concept that concerns the level of services that patients will receive. Patients must be aware of which services will receive and with what quality. Since patients pay a lot of money for intervention, they should be reassured, and everything should be clear to them. It is not easy to decide because there are so many humans, and it also means that it is from different mentalities have different priorities in choosing the best conditions for their interventions. There are people he can think of first and foremost about hygiene, and there may also be people who he can think of first of all about the competence and experience of the Doctor. In any case, all of its conditions can be important for each patient.