What are the advantages and disadvantages of DHI techniques?

The DHI completely agrees that it is one of the most present and healthy techniques for patients who need a hair transplant without shaving. We must clearly specify that there are also cases of DHI that can be done with a shave. But it depends on the surface where the grafts will be implanted and whether there is enough space to place the grafts taken from the patient’s donor area. Sometimes, if the conditions are close for FUE and DHI, the choice is up to the patients in this case. Because we leave the choice to the patients, the scalp is up to them. With the DHI technique (Direct Hair Transplantation), we can say that the duration of the healing process is faster, and the scarring is shorter than FUE.
Healing lasts shorter than FUE because DHI is done with the CHOI pen, which has a very thin tip. Thanks to this pen, the traces do not become visible, and the side effects after hair transplantation are less. It is also necessary to know that there are also disadvantages. Nothing or no services can be perfect 100%.

The disadvantages of DHI are as follows;

With DHI, we cannot graft as many grafts as with the FUE technique. The most important point, as the implantation is done without opening channels, the Doctor must properly implant the grafts taken from the donor area. If he does not implant them correctly and in the natural direction of your present hair, it is possible that the grafts will fall out. The skill level of the person who will do the hair transplant for you is very important because it is a fairly important process.