Which treatment is the best for hair loss?

The best treatment for hair loss is a hair transplant. Because with the developing technology, you can reach the cheapest and most definite result with hair transplantation. Because the natural blends or shampoos you use or use for hair loss will only slow down the spill.

Hair loss is mostly genetic. And nowadays, with the increase in stress, hair loss has fallen to an early age.
Alternatively, topics used for sparse hair require continuity, and the annual cost is more expensive than the price of hair transplantation. In addition, medicines, hair conditioners, and hair serums are a continuous and laborious treatment method. However, hair transplantation operations are a maximum of 8 hours, and with local anesthesia, you can achieve painless and comfortable results.

Neo Hair Transplant, in operations, as we did in Turkey, we get a success rate of 98%.

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