Why are FUE hair transplants so popular in Turkey – Istanbul?

FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey recently with the success of hair transplantation surgery is becoming popular all over the world. Especially with the FUE technique, the success rate is 98%. This success rate and ease of use of the technique used in the operation is the most important reason to be risk-free and give natural results.

Turkey not only for the hair transplant operation has exceeded 1 million average annual number of tourists from other health services. The main reason for this: price, technical conditions and lack of waiting time are the most important factors.

FUE almost all hospitals and doctors for hair transplantation is used by doctors in Turkey have long been able to get good results is very experienced in this regard.

The things that affect the FUE price difference are the pen difference used in the operation, the physical conditions and the technique used for anesthesia.

FUE hair transplantation FUT hair who has completed the technique completely. Because in the operations performed with FUT, the scalp area in the posterior donor area was cut and a bad appearance was formed. Since FUE is an operation performed only by removing the strands, it is healthier and there is no trace of hair transplantation operation after it is done.

Turkey is in a comfortable position in terms of transport and tourism is a developed country. For this reason, it is a center of attraction for people from abroad, besides, the fact that hair transplant costs are cheap has developed this sector.
FUE hair transplant in Turkey is mostly used but no longer need to mention the growing method. First of all, more effective results are obtained with the Sapphire FUE method, which was developed due to the high success rate of FUE. In addition, people who want an intense hair transplant prefer the DHI method. But the most popular and intense interest is the FUE hair transplant method.

Hair transplanted with FUE grows on average between 3 and 4 months. (Source ). That’s why the interest in operations is increasing. specialist in hair transplant in Turkey every day to make at least one operation. Therefore, experience in operations is very high.

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