What is DHI? Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant

What is DHI Hair Transplantation?

DHI hair transplantation is a technique that provides up to 100% natural appearance compared to other techniques. It is the advanced version of the FUE technique, which a specialist team should perform, and is based on the direct implantation of hair follicles from the donor area to the open area to be transplanted.

Doctors or health personnel who will perform hair transplantation with the DHI technique can only receive their training from LHRTA and Europe’s leading universities and have a special certificate.

What is the Basic Feature of Hair Transplant with the DHI Method?

DHI method is the most modern and advanced hair transplantation technique applied today. It is the last technique developed by the team that transitioned from FUT to FUE at the beginning of the 21st century, and its use became widespread in the 2010s.
In the DHI hair transplantation (Direct Hair Implantation) technique, the grafts (hair follicles) in the donor area are taken one by one and instantly placed in the channels opened in the area to be transplanted. The hair follicles taken from FUE hair transplantation are not kept in special solutions to preserve their vitality and are placed back into the tissue without losing their vitality. The hair follicles placed with DHI grow and develop, no different from the existing hair throughout the person’s life. Hair follicles taken from the donor area in hair transplantation with DHI do not shed throughout life as there will be no tissue incompatibility.
The DHI procedure is carried out by doctors or healthcare professionals who have the necessary certificates and are conditioned by certain quality standards by the DHI Hair Restoration Academy, headquartered in London.

Advantages of the DHI Technique

Confidence: Since the hair transplant teams applying the DHI technique perform every level of the operation by following certain protocols, the operation safety is at 100%.

Naturalness: The grafts taken in hair transplantation with DHI offer 100% naturalness thanks to the full control of depth, direction, and implantation angle.
Painless Operation: Patient-specific medical instruments with a diameter not exceeding 1 mm are used for graft removal and implantation from the donor area.
Maximum Efficiency: Since the grafts are directly implanted in the DHI technique, the survival rate is above 90%.
Expert Team: The DHI technique can only be applied by healthcare professionals who have been trained and certified by the DHI Academy.
Lifetime Guarantee: Hair transplanted with DHI is guaranteed to grow and not fall for a lifetime.

No Shaving Required: There is no obligation to shave hair depending on the patient’s request in DHI operations. However, hair shaving is recommended for more graft removal and a successful operation.
Suitable for everyone: With the DHI technique, successful hair transplants can be performed for both women and men.
Extraction from the Body: In the DHI technique, if the donor area is insufficient, grafts can be obtained from other parts of the body (chest, beard, etc.).

How is DHI Technique Applied?

In the DHI Technique, as in other techniques, the area to be harvested and planted is examined first. After this hair analysis process, which is done in order to get the maximum from the area, the patient and the doctor make a joint decision for the forehead line. Then, with the necessary medical intervention, grafts are taken from the area to be taken and implanted in the area to be transplanted with disposable devices with a diameter of not exceeding 1 mm. The patient can return to his daily life the day after the operation.